Hosting the Trailer Parklet

Do you have parallel parking space? Are you looking to activate it for an event? We can help!

If you'd like to host the Trailer Parklet, reach out to us at (305)-444-4850. You can host the Trailer Parklet for up to 31 days in front of your business.

Just follow the steps below to obtain a permit!

How do I apply for a permit?

In order to host the Trailer Parklet, you must obtain a Special Events Permit from the City of Miami at least 14 days prior to when you want to start hosting it:
Application Fee: $50.00

What will I need to apply for the permit?

The address of your business location and a Site Plan.
You can download the Trailer Parklet Site Plan here:

Certificate of Insurance
Obtain a Certificate of Insurance for your company and include the City of Miami as additionally insured.
Make sure to include a waiver of subrogation.

Meter Rental Receipt
The City requires the rental of two parking meters at $10.00 per day each for all of the days you will be hosting the Trailer Parklet.
31 days  x $20.00 = $620.00 plus an administrative fee.

Business Tax Receipt
Apply for a Business Tax Receipt at City of Miami MRC - 444 SW 2nd Ave. 6th Floor.
Fee: $53.00

Enjoy hosting the Trailer Parklet!